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You can kill your motivation in these 4 ways

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You can kill your motivation in these 4 ways

Staying motivated will keep the hunger in you, to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams. When you are motivated, you have that extra zeal to push for your aim, but the same cannot be said when your motivation has been dented.
Unfortunately, people hurt their own motivation and kill their drive to reach certain heights.
This is how you to do that;
1. You doubt yourself
Success starts with you; it starts with you believing in yourself, and you believing that you can achieve it. When you have doubts in yourself and you don’t believe you can do it, then your motivation will gradually diminish till there’s nothing left.
2. You let things distract you
If you want to maintain your motivation, you should be able to ward off distractions. Distractions come in many forms, and if you don’t keep it away, you’ll easily lose focus.
3. You keep procrastinating
When you keep postponing the things you ought to do now, you make it more difficult for you to even do them at a future date, and it wouldn’t take long for your motivation to be lost thereafter.
4. You see challenges as the final stop
Challenges will definitely come, some things will definitely look difficult to overcome, but the way you see these challenges can go a long way in determining how successful or unsuccessful the relationship could be.
Motivation can easily die off, if you let it to, and these are some of the ways you hurt your motivation.

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