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Launch of the Viazi Vitamu System.

The ICOPSEA consortium together with Eight Tech Consults Ltd developed an ICT platform comprising of the Viazi Vitamu System, web portal and mobile application for sweet potato growers in the East African region. It was mainly setup to help the farmers with monitoring production, inspection and marketing of quality planting materials.

On the 18th March,2021 the ICOPSEA team together with the partners who included Eight Tech Consults Ltd, Bio-Innovate Africa, Senai Bio-Science Laboratories, Harvest Plus, Jomo-Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology, Makerere University , Tari and Rab launched the Viazi Vitamu System at Imperial Royale, Kampala.

We are delighted to have been part of the launch of the Viazi Vitamu System and application which will make a sweet potato farmers life easier by enabling them buy quality vines and roots that have been grown by experts in the field, enabling them register to become certified sweet potato growers and sharing the problems they are facing amongst others.

You can access the system and download the application using the links below respectively:

Report Launch on the State of Digital Rights and Governance in Uganda.

Information Communication Technologies like the Internet and Social media, have proliferated all aspects of human life; from education, health, business to entertainment. Given the unique position of ICTs in the current knowledge-based society, internet has become a pivotal tool in the enjoyment of human rights.

According to the report, Uganda’s Internet usage has grown in recent years with over 10 million users providing a new digital landscape that facilitates the work of human rights defenders, activists, journalists, minority groups and citizens providing grounds for safer interactions or activism in Uganda.

Unwanted Witness together with Eight Tech Consults undertook a research to explore the current state and development of digital rights and internet governance in Uganda focusing on the state’s obligation and responsibility under International law observing the fulfilled mandates in national legislation, practice, and Underscores through a comprehensive literature review which formed a baseline for the field research.

Key Objectives and Digital rights focus included;

1. To explore the loopholes within the National Legal and Policy Framework.

2. Establish the level of awareness of internet governance and digital rights in Uganda.

3. Establish lessons from selected countries that is to say Kenya, Ghana and Estonia.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the report that took place on Friday 12th March,2021, spear headed by the Unwanted Witness Team together with the research team from Eight Tech consults Ltd in partnership with Digital Human Rights Lab, Future Challenges, Better Place Lab with support from German Cooperation and GIZ at Hotel Africana.

We undertake research in both basic and applied research services for all organisations in the areas of: Health, education, agriculture, Information and communication technology, business and so many others. You can reach out to us on +256 414-666-784 or visit our website

Launch of the ICT4Farmers programme

Agriculture has been the backbone of Africa from our our great grand fathers generations and as the world changes we have noticed a growing change in the diversity through the use of ICT by the general population. therefore there was a need to enhance the adoption of ICTs, improve the content and digital skills for smallholder farmers in Uganda such as to mu h with the increased use of ICTs.

as the technology experts we were contracted under the collaboration of UNFFE and Eight tech to undertake the 3year program that will be focused on the use of ICT’s in agriculture, digital skilling, capacity building, farmer mobilisation among.

We are pleased to announce that the programme was officially launched this Wednesday 25th November 2020 in a function that was spear headed by the Executive Director (UCC) Eng. Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo and other delegates, together with the Eight tech and UNFFE team.

For more details about the project and launch activities please visit

Reasons to embrace ICT4farmers for all your agricultural needs

The UNNFE ICT4FARMERS initiative is a program whose focus is to transform small holder Agriculture into sustainable and profitable enterprise as per UNFFE 2020 vision.

The ICT4FARMERS is an initiative that every farmer and farming bodies should embrace. It has several programs that can help farmers clutch onto vitality of farming, an integrated innovative decision enhancement digital platform for agriculture. Agriculture content development, validation, certification and distribution, digital skilling of farmers and other value chain actors, awareness and ICT uptake promotion, research, advocacy and change management.

The scheme emphasizes farmer digital skilling among farmers. This is really appealing for it enables farmers acquire knowledge and ability to use digital tools and related literacy. This will elevate farmers understanding capacity to a different intensity.

The UNFFE ICT4FARMERS has multiple frameworks for farmer mobilization and strong networking policies, farmer profiling, input and output service provider, Agric enterprise selection, advisory call center services, market access services, alerts and opportunities, farm record management, resource sharing, extension service monitoring, micro weather services, and data analytics and visualization services. This is formidable than it looks and eminent than it sounds, the farmers will be able to network with other beneficial stakeholders along the value chain. The initiative is a connection link to several knowledge sharing and managing platforms that farmers should not miss out. Right marketing phenomena and policies will be introduced and undertaken, proper research on several aspects and areas of farming from several experts.

It’s amazing that the main aim of this initiative is to change every farmers lives by improving their farming systems. Professional advice from specialists is being given. Social media inclusion is being emphasized and UNFFE under the ICT4FARMERS initiative gives the basic and most efficient guidelines to take it in a more appropriate way. It so important for every farmer to embrace technology, have related training and awareness programs as far as farming is concerned. For every farmer who would want to make a positive transition and make farming better, use the ICT4FARMERS.

For details on project activities follow us on Face book: UNFFEICT4farmers @ict4farmers, twitter =@ict4farmers

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The Need for web presence for a business/organisation /individual.

WEB PRESENCE is simply defined as a position on world wide web where a person, business or an entity is represented OR a collection of websites on a particular subject that includes a beginning file called a home page.

Web presence is a very fundamental tool for every institution or sector. In this era where digitalization is growing at a sky-high rate, web presence is a very technical aspect that should never be given a blind eye. For any kind of business be it small scale, moderate sized or large scale it is very significant to have exposure to the online presence. Seemingly complex it is, but not so if it is given attention. Whoever has been in ponders about establishing an online presence, it’s now time to break through the inertia of action. It is a rhetoric experience to find organizations in the 21st century rigid to the old ways or means and perplexed about the digital world yet the digital and internet lunatics are celebrating the vigil of the traditional systems.

As a practice from us we make it a point that each and every one of our clients  has a well established web presence. That notwithstanding, some of the reasons as to why a web presence should be prioritized by every business, individuals and organizations include;

  • Capturing international markets. A website is a full time accessible platform on the universe in as much as internet is present. So when your product is digitalized on the web sites, every one across the world can access it and place orders without boarder limitations.
  • Facilitation of online based client interactions. When a firm, individuals, or organizations possess a web presence, it is easier to always interact with customers using chat rooms, online newsletters, forums, polls etc. this exhibits high level of customer care.
  • Facilitates a full time open business. What does this mean? Physical shops are closed for some hours of the day and a webpage is open 24/7. So when you choose to sell products online, even the sky isn’t strong enough to be the limit.
  • Strengthening brands for completion purposes. Creating big brands across the world should not be something to feel perplexed about. Just create a website and if your competitor doesn’t have one then you are already a goal ahead.
  • Creation of trust in the facets of clients. Customers feel comfortable dealing with a business that has a web presence. A website itself creates a perception of legitimacy of the venture. Many prospects will bother to do an online search about your frim and if they find nothing about you they may feel its illegitimate.
  • Opportunity to advertise. Creating an online company profile is not a waste of time, it adds value since the company has ability to promote and advertise the company in a professional and digital manner.
  • Linkage between all social media platforms i.e. twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, linkedIn, which creates more exposure and reach to your clientele.

The current covid era has established a great need for online presence with regards to the ability keep the business running as well as adhering to covid-19 SOPs. As Eight Tech Consults Ltd we provide web development services, integration with social media platforms, management and content authoring to aid you build your clientele at a sky-high level.

For details and how to access our services and activities please contact us on, cc:

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Release of the National Seed Tracking & Tracing system

In March, eight tech consults limited in partnership with Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) got the privilege to work on a prestigious system, the national seed tracking and tracing system which we are proud to announce that is running and up on google play store.

During the covid-19  task response towards food supply for the vulnerable people, there were cases of substandard seeds that were supplied to individuals for consumption and yet there was no way to trace it back to the farmer or seller who got it out to the market  and yet we are living in “a dot com world” where technology can make anything happen. This can be resolved using   the STTS.

This system is designed in a way that seeds can be tracked  (following the seed production sequence from the breeder’s fields through to certified/quality declared (QDS) seed; up to sales) and traced (following a seed sale backward sequence from certified/quality declared (QDS) seed back to Breeders’ seed production lots and fields). All this in order have a clear accountability of its quality. The National Seed Strategy (MAAIF 2016) emphasizes the development of an Integrated Seed Sector Management Information System (ISSMIS) which deems it necessary to have a digital tool in place to do this.

The system has two component a Mobile app and Dashboard with mainly two types of users. A seed farmer and a seed merchant. A seed farmer registers his seeds using the app which then goes through the hands of experts in a lab test who take the initiative to verify the quality levels of the seeds before handing it back to the farmer and flagging it as ready to be planted or to be sold for the merchants. This will prevent occurrence of having substandard seeds that are not worthy of human consumption or to be put back into the planting value chain. The system also allows the farmers to update and keep track of his seed stock levels. Quality assurance is a measure put in the system to ensure that regulators (MAAIF) keep only the quality seeds in circulation.   

Sample mobile app features and display on playstore (

With the help of the expertise of the developing team (eight tech consults), the system has been tried and tested to make sure that it as simple to use as possible that even a farmer deep down in the village will find it easy to used.

For details and how to access our services and activities please contact us on, cc:

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Eight Team holds ICT4Farmers Design thinking workshop.

The creative design thinking work shop was held at Makerere University Agricultural research institute, Kabanyolo, for 5 days (3rd -7th August 2020).

This workshop was an initiative of the Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) in Partnership with Eight Tech Consults is implementing a multi-year programme with kind support from Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) on accelerating digitalization of smallholder agriculture in Uganda as an engine of social transformation of our country.


This workshop was graced by the attendance of several key stake holders from the agricultural sector among which include CEO-UNFFE; Dr. Kenneth Katungisa, Assistant Commissioner-MAAIF; Mr. Peter Baine, President-UNFFE; Dr. Dick Kamuganga, UCC-Research & Innovations; Dr. James Beronda and the Eight tech team led by Prof. Jude Lubega and Dr. Drake Mirembe.

Information sharing will always be a key factor in agriculture where farmers in different sectors have grown crops, raised livestock, and caught fish, have sought information from one another. During our discussion, a number of challenges were identified in from this process e.g. Limited access to quality input materials, Limited access to markets, limited access to extension services among others. The team therefore realised that creating an ICT solution for farmers would enhance the above challenges and also improve the agricultural sector in Uganda by providing them with sufficient agricultural information that will improve their efficiency.

Studying the current eco system and agriculture value chain which is majorly “brick and motor” approach that results to poor record keeping and poor decision making which required transitioning to ICT.

The workshop kick started the developement of a #ICT4Farmers platform that will be developed by Eight Tech Consults.

Eight team

For details on project activities flollow us on Face book: UNFFEICT4farmers @ict4farmers, twitter =@ict4farmers

For details and how to access our services and activities please contact us on, cc:

You can also follow us on facebook @EightTechConsults and twitter @8TechConsults

COVID-19 sparking the journey to Digital transformation.

In normal times, we all rise up early and go through the morning traffic in order to be at our desks before 8am or 8:30 for others. There are days when you literally do not have meetings or any client engagements that require you to be on desk,but you have to be there because that’s the only way they will notice that you are working.

Photo credit :

We were just so fond of this routine and honestly nobody ever predicted a time when there will be need to work from home. Is work from home even possible? Can you an employer pay employees that didn’t surface to office??? Well with COVID-19 the answer is YES! The pandemic has opened our eyes and highlighted the need for businesses to act with alacrity and prepare for long haul-and to do so with cyber security in mind.

The pandemic has opened the eyes of many CEOs to a journey of digital transformation in their businesses. This is the use of new, fast and frequently changing technologies to solve and address problems. So we are right to say that COVID-19 had led the digital transformation journey of many companies. The technology industry abounds with buzzwords and phrases, with digital transformation being one such term that many companies have taken on and others aspire to undertake. But when faced with reality, it can be difficult to implement while conducting business as usual. There are, however, impressive examples where companies have changed course and transformed their business by integrating technology to fundamentally change how they operate and how they deliver value to customers. For companies like PR and advertising agencies, media houses, financial institutions to mention but a few, digital transformation is relatable and will be easy to implement.

Allowing the workforce to be flexible is one part of digital transformation, but it carries with it the need to ensure that services are implemented securely. Devices need to be protected from any risks including theft and interference. Using full disk encryption, enabling strong multi-factor authentication, and using VPN technology to access data are some security considerations. Applications and tools to enable remote productivity need to be vetted and configured to protect both consumer data and sensitive company material.

“I recently delivered a presentation virtually, and I’ve currently signed on board that client for business.” Companies world wide have adapted their workforces during the pandemic by embracing technology especially video conferencing, collaboration tools and cloud services. One of the most commonly used video conferencing application is Zoom.
Covid -19 has seen zoom’s daily active user base grow by 67 per cent in the first three months of this year and the company now has a market value of $42bn. In recent weeks, the app has been downloaded more than 50 million times from Google store alone. It has now expanded far beyond its existing business base. The app has allowed isolated people keep in touch with their families. A few weeks back, I was able to do a virtual party with my three friends one is in China, the other Dubai and another in South Africa. At around this time last year, I could never imagine this.

In such a rapidly evolving situation, it’s almost impossible to balance what’s best for your company, while protecting your employees and still deliver great experience to customers.
It’s unlikely that things will get back to normal after the pandemic hence business owners need to start accelerating their digital transformation journey now. Someone once said that “A meeting without food should be an email” but in this case, all meetings should be emails or video calls. Though it is extremely important to improve communication and collaboration across the organization, businesses cannot afford to have employees missing out on important information such as urgent company updates or the latest changes made to projects they are working on. That’s why improving their internal communication is the most important digital transformation project.

Digital transformation does not happen quickly. According to my research,the percentage of successfully implemented digital transformation and change management efforts is pretty low, it is a complex process that involves several steps;
from planning to preparation, implementation, training, and evaluation of the success and it involves several teams that need to align and coordinate their efforts.

This is a wake-up call for organizations that have placed too much focus on daily operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business and long-term resilience. Businesses that can shift technology capacity and investments to digital platforms will mitigate the impact of the outbreak and keep their companies running smoothly now, and over the long term.

Photo credit: Google

Written by: Ateenyi Victoria

Eight Tech Consults leads resource mobilisation training in Jinja.

Eight Tech Consults Leads the resource mobilisation training in Jinja that was spear headed by our CTO Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe and the finance director Mr. Adolf Twesigye.

This training was carried out for the BUVAD(Butakoola Village Association for Development) staff in Kayinga with kind support from the CUSP a project by GIZ uganda that is focused on equiping the BUVAD staff on how to design a resource mobilisation strategy, with knowlegde on how to manage resources, understand clients needs to enable them support organisational stability through easy running of programmes, easier means of seeking for finances, and many others.

Below are some of the images from the training.

This 5day training was carried out in Jinja.

The Art of financial planning

Your life has multiple aspects – your family, your work, your social life, your hobbies, and so on. Money touches all of these aspects. For this reason, financial planning is not a simple task. It has to be all-encompassing to be an effective plan. Moreover, you need to consider not just your present, but also your future.

Here is a seven-point checklist covering the broad areas in which financial planning can be undertaken:

CASH FLOW PLANNING: In simple terms, cash flow refers to the inflow and outflow of money. It is a record of your income and expenses. Though this sounds simple, very few people actually take time out to find out what comes in and what goes out of their hands each month. Cash flow planning refers to the process of identifying the major expenditures in the present and the future (both short-term and long-term), and making planned investments. This is to ensure you have the required amount whenever needed. Cash flow planning is the first thing that should be done prior to starting an investment exercise. Without this planning, you will not be in a position to know how your finances look like, and what you can invest in without stretching your liquidity. It will also enable you to understand if a particular investment matches with your cash flow requirement.

RETIREMENT PLANNING: This kind of planning means making sure you will have enough money to live on after retiring from work. Retirement should be the best period of your life, when you can literally sit back and relax. You are essentially reaping the benefits of years of hard work. This is easier said than done. To achieve a hassle-free retired life, you need to make prudent investment decisions during your working life, thus putting your hard-earned money to work for you in future. Planning for retirement is as important as planning your career and marriage. Life takes its own course and from the poorest to the wealthiest, no one gets spared. We get older every day, without realizing. However, we assume that old age is never going to touch us. The future depends to a great extent on the choices you make today. Right decisions with the help of proper financial planning taken at the right time will assure your peace during retirement. Retirement planning acquires added importance because of the fact that though longevity has increased, the number of working years have remained  at 60years in Uganda.

INVESTMENT PLANNING: Saving and investing are two separate activities. One has to do with your expenditure, while the other has to do with financial instruments. Your wealth will only grow over time if you have invested it in assets that appreciate in value annually. . Investment planning deals with the kind of instruments an individual should invest in to get the best out of his wealth. The first part of this planning has to do with your risk and return profile. This is where you set your limits in terms of the risk you are willing to take and the minimum return you expect. This is done based on your life stage, spending requirements with respect to your income and wealth, time horizon, liquidity requirements, and various individual specific constraints. Investment planning is important because it helps you to derive the maximum benefit from your investments.

TAX PLANNING: Tax evasion is illegal, but tax minimization is legal. Thus, you can reduce your tax liability by planning effectively. With proper tax planning you can increase your after tax income. This could also decide your investment decisions. For example, if you want to save tax, you may prefer to hold stocks for at least a year before selling. That way, you could avoid the short-term capital gains tax. This would change your trading strategy altogether. Similarly, you could prefer instruments that offer tax-benefits like Public Provident Funds (PPF) and so on.

CHILDREN’S FUTURE PLANNING: It is essential to plan for the future of your children. The purpose of planning for your child or children’s future is to create a corpus for foreseeable expenditures such as higher education, wedding and capital to start business once done with University  education.  Thus, you will be able to provide an adequate security cover during their growing years. For ensuring adequate funding of your child’s education, you as a parent need to not just save, but also invest systematically and at regular intervals.

INSURANCE PLANNING: You never know what surprise life will throw at you. Insurance planning helps you provide a safety net that can come handy in times of trouble. This type of planning is concerned with ensuring adequate coverage against insurable risks. Calculating the right level of risk cover requires considerable expertise. Have you ever imagined  what would happen  to your life incase of an  accident  where your hands are amputated? Proper insurance planning can help you look at the possibility of getting a wider coverage for the same amount or lower premium. Insurance enables you to live your lives to the fullest, without worrying about the financial impact of events that could hamper it. In other words, insurance protects you from contingencies.

ESTATE PLANNING: Everyone acquires a considerable amount of real estate during his lifetime. In case of death or during lifetime, this can be transferred to either heirs or to institutions and charities. Planning this transfer in the most efficient way is termed as estate planning.

If you want to learn and know more about financial planning  plus preparing for retirement,  contact: Adolf T. Sabiiti Consultant in Finance and Investment Eight Tech Consults  Ltd or email for more details.

You can register for 2 days training in Financial planning and retirement scheduled  for 6th and 7th March  2020 .