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We offer custom eLearning solutions that will make your trainings more effective and engaging and thus excited learners who retain the new skills acquired.

News and Articles from Eight Tech

Report Launch on the State of Digital Rights and Governance in Uganda.

Posted by: Fiona Nambogo on 2021-03-15 | 785 views

Information Communication Technologies like the Internet and Social media, have proliferated all aspects of human life; from education, health, business to entertainment. Given the unique position of ICTs in the current knowledge-based society, internet has become a pivotal tool in the enjoyment of human rights. Ac... ReadMore

The need for integration of ICT for Persons With Disabilities

Posted by: Angel on 2021-01-01 | 450 views

PWDs are defined as people bearing long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others. Persons with disabilities are deserving of the same rights and basic needs as others ... ReadMore

Launch of the ICT4Farmers programme

Posted by: Fiona Nambogo on 2020-11-26 | 1,209 views

Agriculture has been the backbone of Africa from our our great grand fathers generations and as the world changes we have noticed a growing change in the diversity through the use of ICT by the general population. therefore there was a need to enhance the adoption of ICTs, improve the content and digital skills for sm... ReadMore

Reasons to embrace ICT4farmers for all your agricultural needs

Posted by: Fiona Nambogo on 2020-11-04 | 1,360 views

The UNNFE ICT4FARMERS initiative is a program whose focus is to transform small holder Agriculture into sustainable and profitable enterprise as per UNFFE 2020 vision. The ICT4FARMERS is an initiative that every farmer and farming bodies should embrace. It has several programs that can help farmers clutch onto vita... ReadMore

The Need for web presence for a business/organisation /individual.

Posted by: Fiona Nambogo on 2020-09-23 | 1,026 views

WEB PRESENCE is simply defined as a position on world wide web where a person, business or an entity is represented OR a collection of websites on a particular subject that includes a beginning file called a home page. Web presence is a very fundamental tool for every institution or sector. In this era where digita... ReadMore