Fiona Nambogo

Business Manager

“Meet Fiona, a highly motivated individual with a strong background in both technology and business. With a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and currently pursuing an MBA, Fiona possesses a unique blend of technical and business acumen. During  undergraduate studies, she developed a passion for using technology to solve complex business problems and streamline processes.

“In her previous role as a business manager at Eight Tech Consults Ltd, she demonstrated her ability to lead cross-functional teams, drive strategic initiatives, and implement process improvements that resulted in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. With her Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and current MBA education, She brings a unique blend of technical and business expertise to the table. Fiona is now leveraging her education and experience to further develop her leadership skills and drive growth for organizations in the technology industry.”

She has acquired a series of training and experience in areas like Cross-functional team leadership, Technology implementation and management, resource mobilisation, Strategic planning and execution, Business analysis and problem-solving, Financial management and budgeting, Customer relationship management, Communication and presentation skills, Adaptability and creativity, Continuous learning and development, research and data analysis.

She has successfully managed a number of projects with several organizations like UCC, RUFORUM, UNESCO, EAAACA, MAARCI, Eskom Uganda Ltd, UNFFE, Civil Service College, Makerere College of Computing & Information Services, Makerere University, Bishop Stuart University, SENAI Bioscience Laboratories, to mention but a few.