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Seed Tracking and Tracing system training and Validation.

The Eight Tech Team led by Dr.Drake Mirembe the Chief Technology Officer executed the training and validation at Kawanda Agriculture Research Institute today.This was done in partnership with Integrated Seed Sector Development Uganda (ISSD) and Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fishery (MAAIF).

The seed tracking and tracing system is designed in a way that seeds can be tracked (following the seed production sequence from the breeder’s fields through to certified/quality declared (QDS) seed; up to sales) and traced (following a seed sale backward sequence from certified/quality declared (QDS) seed back to Breeders’ seed production lots and fields). All this in order have a clear accountability of its quality. The National Seed Strategy (MAAIF 2016) emphasizes the development of an Integrated Seed Sector Management Information System (ISSMIS) which deems it necessary to have a digital tool in place to do this.

The team that attended was equipped with skills on how they can maneuver around the two major components that is to say the Mobile app and the Dashboard. Right from a seed farmer registering his seed , to when it goes through the verification of the quality of the seed before handing it to the farmer and flagging it as ready to be planted and sold for the merchants.

Dr Drake Mirembe during his presentation.

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