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Management Consulting

Management consulting involves individuals with expertise in an area of interest, using their knowledge ,experience,  analytical and problem solving skills, to add value into a wide variety of organizations within a framework of appropriate and relevant professional standards, disciplines and ethics. Management consulting can be further broken down into a number of career tracks

A management consultant is a person who is professionally engaged in advising and providing a detached or external view of a company’s management techniques and practices. A consultant can operate as a specialist or a generalist. The client’s requirements dictate which skills and expertise are the most appropriate and the situations in which to use a consultant.

Consultancy is in specific functional areas such as Finance advisors, marketing, corporate strategy, human resource, business operations ,information technology systems and applications, Risk & Compliance

Consultancy is applicable to any of these areas. When organizations attempt conscious changes, whether it involves implementing a new IT system; changes in strategy, goals, direction, consultancy offers relevant processes and techniques to make the change function effectively. A consultant practitioner would use expertise in one of these content for example, best practices in information technologies or contemporary systems analysis / auditing to make recommendations about how an organization can involve on these areas.

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