You are currently viewing It’s real, true & its happening. “ICT in Agriculture”

It’s real, true & its happening. “ICT in Agriculture”

Eight tech consults in coporation with Intergrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) take ICT in agriculture to the next level. Among our portfolios at Eight tech, our technical team is soon launching a Seed Tracing and Tracking System, a project by ISSD.

Efficiency: To provide an effective tool for verifying proof of existence, full records, and the ownership or origin of exchanged seed stock or information.

Eight tech prides itself in fields of; Software Engineering, General ICT Management Consultancy Services, Mobile technologies and Applications, Applied and basic research services, E-learning systems, Project management, Monitoring and evaluation, Data Science, Artificial intelligence,  Internet and web technologies, Cyber security and digital forensics,  Information Systems risk management, and Business process engineering, Organizational leadership and development, Training services among others.

Images from the meetings held at the ISSD offices.

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