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The Need for web presence for a business/organisation /individual.

WEB PRESENCE is simply defined as a position on world wide web where a person, business or an entity is represented OR a collection of websites on a particular subject that includes a beginning file called a home page.

Web presence is a very fundamental tool for every institution or sector. In this era where digitalization is growing at a sky-high rate, web presence is a very technical aspect that should never be given a blind eye. For any kind of business be it small scale, moderate sized or large scale it is very significant to have exposure to the online presence. Seemingly complex it is, but not so if it is given attention. Whoever has been in ponders about establishing an online presence, it’s now time to break through the inertia of action. It is a rhetoric experience to find organizations in the 21st century rigid to the old ways or means and perplexed about the digital world yet the digital and internet lunatics are celebrating the vigil of the traditional systems.

As a practice from us we make it a point that each and every one of our clients  has a well established web presence. That notwithstanding, some of the reasons as to why a web presence should be prioritized by every business, individuals and organizations include;

  • Capturing international markets. A website is a full time accessible platform on the universe in as much as internet is present. So when your product is digitalized on the web sites, every one across the world can access it and place orders without boarder limitations.
  • Facilitation of online based client interactions. When a firm, individuals, or organizations possess a web presence, it is easier to always interact with customers using chat rooms, online newsletters, forums, polls etc. this exhibits high level of customer care.
  • Facilitates a full time open business. What does this mean? Physical shops are closed for some hours of the day and a webpage is open 24/7. So when you choose to sell products online, even the sky isn’t strong enough to be the limit.
  • Strengthening brands for completion purposes. Creating big brands across the world should not be something to feel perplexed about. Just create a website and if your competitor doesn’t have one then you are already a goal ahead.
  • Creation of trust in the facets of clients. Customers feel comfortable dealing with a business that has a web presence. A website itself creates a perception of legitimacy of the venture. Many prospects will bother to do an online search about your frim and if they find nothing about you they may feel its illegitimate.
  • Opportunity to advertise. Creating an online company profile is not a waste of time, it adds value since the company has ability to promote and advertise the company in a professional and digital manner.
  • Linkage between all social media platforms i.e. twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, linkedIn, which creates more exposure and reach to your clientele.

The current covid era has established a great need for online presence with regards to the ability keep the business running as well as adhering to covid-19 SOPs. As Eight Tech Consults Ltd we provide web development services, integration with social media platforms, management and content authoring to aid you build your clientele at a sky-high level.

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