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Release of the National Seed Tracking & Tracing system

Release of the National Seed Tracking & Tracing system

In March, eight tech consults limited in partnership with Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) got the privilege to work on a prestigious system, the national seed tracking and tracing system which we are proud to announce that is running and up on google play store.

During the covid-19  task response towards food supply for the vulnerable people, there were cases of substandard seeds that were supplied to individuals for consumption and yet there was no way to trace it back to the farmer or seller who got it out to the market  and yet we are living in “a dot com world” where technology can make anything happen. This can be resolved using   the STTS.

This system is designed in a way that seeds can be tracked  (following the seed production sequence from the breeder’s fields through to certified/quality declared (QDS) seed; up to sales) and traced (following a seed sale backward sequence from certified/quality declared (QDS) seed back to Breeders’ seed production lots and fields). All this in order have a clear accountability of its quality. The National Seed Strategy (MAAIF 2016) emphasizes the development of an Integrated Seed Sector Management Information System (ISSMIS) which deems it necessary to have a digital tool in place to do this.

The system has two component a Mobile app and Dashboard with mainly two types of users. A seed farmer and a seed merchant. A seed farmer registers his seeds using the app which then goes through the hands of experts in a lab test who take the initiative to verify the quality levels of the seeds before handing it back to the farmer and flagging it as ready to be planted or to be sold for the merchants. This will prevent occurrence of having substandard seeds that are not worthy of human consumption or to be put back into the planting value chain. The system also allows the farmers to update and keep track of his seed stock levels. Quality assurance is a measure put in the system to ensure that regulators (MAAIF) keep only the quality seeds in circulation.   

Sample mobile app features and display on playstore (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.eighttechnologes.stts&hl=en)

With the help of the expertise of the developing team (eight tech consults), the system has been tried and tested to make sure that it as simple to use as possible that even a farmer deep down in the village will find it easy to used.

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