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Importance of Technology for Business Survival

Technology in business is a growing necessity; making it almost impossible to separate the two from each other. It has become a crucial and indispensable part of every kind of business.

In the fast-paced environment of business operations today, technology makes processes quicker, more effective and easier to document for future review that both big and small businesses are now using it to complete a range of specific tasks and jobs.

There are infinite reasons why technology is important in business and to narrow it down, we came up with a few;

A link to the Global Village

Technology establishes an online presence which allows current and potential customers to view products and services conveniently. Certain services / products may not be on demand in your local area but people in other parts of the country or world may be searching for exactly what you offer. Do you have a website?

Inventory Management and Financial Record Keeping

With accounting soft-wares, many businesses are able to handle accounting functions without the need for a CPA. There is no need to calculate business figures or create documents manually. With tech, business financial reports are generated automatically, manual processes are minimized, costs are reduced as well as human error. . Consider our EASY-BOOKS system

Employee Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Managers can now keep an eye on employees, train as well as develop them. These software also enable the Human resource to track progress of each employee hence an increase in employee productivity. Its not too late to try our STAFF PERFORMANCE, MONITORING, APPRAISAL AND COLLABORATION SYSTEM

Staff Training and Capacity Building

Employees are a key determinant of an organization’s success, therefore, building the capacity of new and current staff is an essential part of any program implementation. It could never be easy if tech didn’t exist but through e-learning platforms like EIGHT_LEARNING , team coaching to increase overall employee performance is in place.

Enhanced Business Communication

Workmates are able to send instant electronic emails to each other and keep important conversations going throughout the day while accomplishing remaining productive. Better still, technology saves money as you can have virtual meetings instead of spending money for travel. Try NGUVU today,

Do not hesitate to reach out to us!!

Farmer Registration and Garden Mapping / Profiling Using VIAZI app

A team led by agricultural experts; Prof Samuel Kyamanywa and Dr. Settumba B. Mukasa from Makerere University College of Agriculture and Environmental sciences (CAES) went for field work in East and Northern Uganda to register various sweet potato farmers as well as map the locations of the gardens in districts of; Kamuli, Budaka, Mbale, Bukedea, Serere, Lira and Gulu using the VIAZI Mobile App under the ICOPSEA project.

The VIAZI Mobile App is one of the products under the ICTs for the ICOPSEA project. This mobile app developed by Eight Tech Consults, has both online and offline mode. The other modules in the app include the following:

  • Farmer and Inspector profiling
  • Garden and Screen House Mapping
  • Garden inspection reporting (Inspectors)
  • Capturing and sending of queries (extension services)
  • Variety Capture (Documentation of Maturity periods and attributes)
  • Ordering of Roots and Vines

This project is being undertaken in the whole of the East African region with countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda taking part.

Grant Proposal Training Workshop Season One

The Eight Tech Grant writing workshop attracted a number of participants from different organizations most especially civil society and universities. The training is about how to write winning grant proposals; the members expresses alot of interest in the different modules covered in day one which include Resource Mobilization, understanding call opportunities and The Problem Tree analysis.

Members formed groups and responded to real grant calls for which they hope to continue and finalize after the workshop to the submission phase. The facilitator of the day Dr. Drake Mirembe emphasized that writing grants should become a lifestyle and losing should not discourage people from responding to more calls.

The picture above shows members of Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) discussing about their idea for the day’s assignment which involved Finding a grant call, come up with a stakeholder map, and then create a problem tree.

Internship program at 8tech 2019 – 2020

As an 8TECH Intern, you spend 4-6 months working on a real client projects. Coached by our enthusiast professionals you can grow both personally and professionally, discovering how you can be greater than you imagined. All of this happens at our Midland Complex – Kisaasi head office Kampala.

All Eight Tech internship placements are 4 or 6 months long. The Internship and Training programs follow a specific training plan, which includes experiencing a variety of different tasks in one or more departments. Our interest is in the candidates to fill positions in:

  1. Software, Web and Mobile Application development
  2. Business development and Marketing

What’s in it for you?

  1. Investment in your personal development
  2. Working for one of Uganda’s ICT and Management industry leading
  3. Having business exposure and accountability from day one
  4. Being part of a pool of mentors in both ICT and Management
  5. Work to deliver world-leading technology to empower communities

 What to Expect:

  • Cross-functional experience
  • Training & personal development
  • Support to fulfill your potential and career goals during your internship
  • Build expertise in your chosen area in line with your college course and work placement requirements

Suitable candidates for the above should send their CVs to and copy to

Administrative Assistant Career Opportunity

We are vibrant ICT and Management Consulting firm, Eight Tech Consults ( We are looking to hire a good entry career administrative assistant to support the consulting division of the company. The position is open to Ladies only.

Key requirements:
It is the philosophy of the company to nurture talents and emphasis is on talent and personality as opposed to academic qualifications. Knowledge areas and skills
1) Excellence Analytical skills
2) Excellence document writing and editing skills, especially understanding how to prepare business proposals and reports is key
3) Excellence social media and digital marketing skills
4) Excellent verbal communication and presentation skills
5) Agility to learn and being results oriented
6) Ability to work under pressure with limited supervision and get the job done
7) The job is open for any female candidate with at least diploma or degree in any field, but poses the above qualities.

Submission of expression of interest
1) Prepare a motivation letter for the job, clearly indicating your value addition to the company. Your motivation letter should clearly demonstrate your understanding of the company.
2) Prepare a 2 paged CV indicating your educational background, relevant experience to the job and 2 professional referees.
3) The Deadline for this application is 21st Feb, 2019
4) The documents should be submitted to copied to before 18:00hrs on 21st Feb, 2019

Writing Winning Grant Proposals – Workshop

This workshop covers the complete process of grant proposal development: identification of an achievable and fund-able project, research and assessment of viable funding sources, funder relations, proposal writing, budget development, preparation of a full proposal package for submission, and post-award or rejection follow-up with funders.

This workshop will emphasize grants to private, community, and corporate organizations. Participants will gain an understanding of the non-profit environment and become familiar with tools and resources available to assist them as they seek funds for their projects, institutions, or causes.

Cost – UGX: 555,000

In this two-day training, the following will be covered:

  • Developing a strategy of sourcing and responding to grant opportunities
  • Understanding and Interpreting the Call? What does the funder really need?
  • Developing a problem tree and the associated Logical Framework
  • Managing the writing processes
  • Developing a winning budget
  • Checking compliance
  • Managing the submission process

VENUE:  Kabanyolo – Gayaza (Continuing Agricultural Education Centre Makerere- CAEC)

We have the course online at (All participants will have access and contribute to the online discussions (Forums) setup to help members exchange ideas. The course will continue being available to members four months after the training.

Important Dates:

Thursday August 29 – Friday August 30 – 08:00AM – 5:00PM

Target Audience

NGOs, Government Agencies, Practitioners, Masters Students and PHD Students, and Individuals


Bottles of Water and Break Tea

Note: Lunch and Refreshments will be provided.

Profiles of Facilitators:

The facilitators have written and won a number of grants from most international funding agencies, including EU, AU, Bill gates, and MasterCard, Rockefeller, among others. The facilitators are international reviewers of grant proposals for a number of funders. The experience and expertise they will provide to the participants.

Prof. Jude T. Lubega

Jude Lubega is a Professor of Information Technology who has vast experience in ICT4D. He is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University. He previously served in Makerere University from 2007 t0 2012 as the Deputy Dean and the Head of the Information Technology Department in the College of Computing and Information Sciences.

He is an experienced ICT4D consultant and has undertaken numerous researches and projects both nationally and internationally. He is a member of several boards and has won several research funds to undertake ICT4D projects. He is formerly a researcher and Lecturer in the School of Systems Engineering at the University of Reading, UK. More

Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe

Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe holds a PhD from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands in information system security. Drake has worked both in the industry and academia in the last 15 years.

Dr. Drake is an active researcher in the field of ICT for Development, ICT4Agric, Learning Technologies, health information systems, digital security, secure integration of ICTs, and ICT innovation and Incubation. Besides, academics Dr. Drake has worked in the industry for over 15 years as a senior ICT and Management Consultant. More Here:

For More Information call: 0414-666-784 | 0789698583 | 0703626285 | 0776844343 and Book Your Place Today

Eight Tech showcases ICT4AG apps in AI Research Lab Makerere University

A team from Eight Tech led by Prof. Jude Lubega (CEO) together with Robert Tumusiime showcased the works ICT4AG Apps of the company in Agriculture to a visiting team from Morocco to the AI Research Center and other members of AIR in Makerere University.

The presentation saw applications like SUFACE which was the first app that we developed in Agriculture launched in late 2013, The app among other things includes a module on farmer profiling, garden mapping over GPS, Open Market for produce and design of knowledge products (Animations) which were integrated in the mobile app to help farmers plan their planting and post harvest handling. More Applications like Cassava Carp on were showcased, ERIGNU on, ICOPSEA – Integrating ICT in Commercial Production of Sweet Potatoes in East Africa, which project among other things implemented in ICT include, Integrated databases- Farmer profiling, input providers and market database, Garden Mapping – Supports geo-mapping of sites in real-time , Farmer query management and data collection (Text, Audio and Video), Pest and Disease surveillance, Variety identification tool using A1 – ML (Mobile App), Potato disease detection tool (Mobile App), Customer order management… (Mobile and USSD), Stock tracking, Tracking certification and garden inspection among others.

The presentation was successful with attendees applauding our efforts and urging us to add more components so as to bridge the Agriculture Extension Gap between farmers and service providers using ICT. More importantly was the use of Artificial Intelligence in Variety identification and disease detection tool which members found interesting in helping farmers identify the varieties they wish to plant easily and also detect sweet potato diseases fast enough to avoid the poor harvests / yields.

Prof. Jude Lubega named in Africa’s Movers and Shakers in Corporate Online Learning 2018

Following the continuing success of the annual Movers and Shakers in Corporate Online Learning list, currently in its ninth year – 2018 sees the first publication of a similar list but one that focuses on the African e-learning market.

Prof. Jude Lubega, the CEO of  Eight Tech Consults Limited was nominated and stands at number 58 on the list of the Africa’s movers and shakers in Corporate online Learning. Jude is also the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University, the biggest user of online teaching and learning in Uganda and has spear headed several e-learning projects in both private and public sector. Prominent projects include the Teacher Educator E-learinng System under UNESCO CFIT project, UTAMU blended teaching and learning  model, PPDA Uganda project, Bank of Uganda Financial Literacy online learning project among others.

Check Link Blow for more details

Erignu Mobile App Training in Apac, Kole and Lira

Eight Tech Consults team led by Robert Tumusiime together with Mr. Joseph Lwevuze took to Northern Uganda in the districts of Apac, Kole and Lira to train Key Farmer Trainers, extensio officers and farmers in the use of the ERIGNU Mobile Application. Erignu Mobile is one of the products under the ICTs for Rice Green gram on the project ( The mobile app developed by Eight Tech Consults for ERIGNU Project has the following modules:

  • Registering of farmers ( Farmer Profiling)
  • Capturing and Sending of Queries (Extension Services)
  • Land Profiling (Location, Size, Ownership etc.)
  • Garden Mapping (Ownership, Location, Size, Variety and Maturity)
  • The Open Market (Free Online Market Place)
  • Input and Output provider profiles
  • Yield Prediction and Demand Forecasting

The team is led by Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe the CTO of 8tech and Lecturer Makerere University College of Computing. Drake has been at the forefront of developing innovative ICTs for Agriculture for over 15 years and has vast experience in ICT4Agric, Information Security, Management consulting and E-learning among others.

ICOPSEA Mobile App Pre-Testing at Eight Tech Consults

The team led by prof. S.B Mukasa from Makerere University College of Agriculture and Environmental sciences (CAES) visited 8tech developers office to pre-test the ICOPSEA project mobile App for data collection and Field Vine Multiplier profiling. The App among other features has both online and offline mode; Garden Mapping, Garden inspection reporting, Variety Capture and extension services among other things.

The team has headed out to Mukono District  to test the app before it has been deployed to the wider country side for more data capture. This way 8tech is able to build apps that work for the environment they are to be deployed.