The Uganda TVET skills platform

The Uganda TVET skills platform is an interactive platform that will enable stakeholders particularly young people to acquire, exchange information, and transfer knowledge to
The UNFFEICT4FARMERS platform is an initiative that every farmer and farming bodies should embrace. It is designed with the following modules Agriculture content development,
The Socnet Inventory Tracking System (ITS) provides means of tracking goods purchased and thereafter supplied for use/ consumption through the logistics department. The multi-user
This system manages movement of items from, say, containers, to storage places (stores), then from the stores to sales places (shops), and lastly to
This system is intended for those with real estate properties such as Buildings, Houses and/or Rooms. You are able to configure the different buildings,
The Human Resource Management and Payroll System (HRMS) enables organizations to manage human resource information. It is divided into two parts: Human resource and