Intergrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD)

Integrated Seed and Sector Development Uganda (ISSD Uganda) is an independent locally registered organisation in Uganda. It aims to be a leading agricultural development organization in fostering resilient seed and food systems for sustainable agricultural production. ISSD Uganda builds on the impactful outcomes and experiences of the successfully concluded seed projects that focused on; seed sector transformation; capacity building and knowledge transfer; partnerships and sector coordination, as well as supporting fragile communities including refugees.

The transition from the intermittent project status to an organization was driven by the need to continue addressing both the outstanding and emerging challenges in the agricultural sector for the medium and long term. Since projects are timebound and designed to follow a project lifecycle, it is fairly unusual for activities of projects to become institutionalized. Thus, ISSD Uganda is positioned to continue in its efforts to contribute to the development of the seed sub-sector as well as enhance interventions in the agricultural and rural development sector.

ISSD Uganda’s focus areas are now not only limited to the seed subsector but the agricultural sector as a whole. We have greater methodological flexibility through the use of a multiplicity of intervention approaches including direct value chain; and/or market development systems. We will build on the foundation of operational and ethical excellence which has been progressively nurtured over the last 8 years. This will ensure compatibility with the contemporary requirements of ISSD Uganda’s development partners.





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