The European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA) promotes the interests of producers of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and their national associations across all of Europe. Founded in 1988, EAACA has members from 18 countries operating more than 100 production sites and producing around 16 million m3 of AAC per year, enough to build about 350,000 homes.

EAACA is the voice of the AAC industry at European level. The European Institutions and the legislation they create can have a direct effect on manufacturers, for example by setting standards for products or buildings that use them. They also shape the market indirectly by defining framework conditions such as climate and energy policy that in turn translates into requirements for buildings. Since its founding, EAACA is working towards the following objectives:

  1. Shape the regulatory environment and promote the growing market opportunity for AAC in Europe.
  2. Promote the benefits of AAC as the building material for affordable, sustainable, and highly energy-efficient buildings.
  3. Be represented vis-à-vis policymakers, stakeholders, and technical platforms on the EU level.


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