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E-learning Services

Eight tech Consults Ltd is the leading consultancy firm for e-learning in Uganda and East Africa. Some of the E-learning services we offer include;

4 Tips For Successful eLearning Development Services
  1. Design and Development of Learning Management Systems
  2. Infrastructural Assessment /Feasibility studies for Established of E-learning system
  3. Hosting of the Learning Management Systems
  4. Capcity Building in E-learning and ICT usage.
  5. Content Development
  6. Online Training using our e-learning system located at for institutions while we take care of the technology/platform

We have designed, deployed and Trained several companies and schools in e-learning which include;

  • Civil Service College Uganda
  • Business, Technical Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) E-Learning Portal (
  • Eskom Uganda Limited (EUL)
  • Nkumba University
  • Bishop Stuart University (
  • KIM University (Rwanda)
  • PPDA Uganda –
  • Ministry of Education (UNESCO) (
  • Bank of Uganda (
  • Uganda Technology and Management University (
  • Kampala International University (

Among others