Research and Data Science

Eight Tech Consults Undertakes Both Basic (that focuses on expanding the existing base of scientific knowledge) and Applied research services (that focuses on solving specific practical problems or answers certain questions) for all organisations in the areas of; Health, education sector, agriculture, Information and communication technology, business and many others.

Eight Tech has conducted research by applying our expertise in;

What's in a name? Data Science vs Operational Research | Aspire Consulting  Ltd

1. Research design

2. Data collection

3. Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Our assessments provide tangible and practical recommendations to align and improve programs, systems, and work processes. Eight Tech’s broad range of knowledge and resources are tapped by governmental agencies, Non-Government Organizations, International Agencies and other stakeholders around the world to help them navigate the murky waters of the hustles involved in conducting a research/study that spans large areas like countrywide studies for which Eight Tech has developed the tools and skills to handle over time.

We have well-trained personnel in research design, data collection and analysis. We leverage our own custom built data collection tools and open source technologies to remove the hustle out of the data collection process. Our secret lies in the large pool of well trained and seasoned data collection experts who not only collect data but also ensure quality assurance as well.

Our in-house data collection model ensures teams are always abreast with information about who and where the data is coming from and real-time statistics and analysis are done as the data comes in. we always create a data collection Matrix which ensures that our studies address the needs of the client by ensuring every aspect has been catered for so as to ensure a clear reporting mechanism upon which decisions will be made.