The National Seed Tracking and Tracing System.

Access to quality seeds accounts for about 40% of the likely crop yields in farmer’s fields. This also highly relies on quality and adaptability of the varieties to the different growth environments. Tracking (following the seed production sequence from the breeder’s fields through to certified/quality declared (QDS) seed; and even to sales) and tracing (following a seed sale backward sequence from certified/quality declared (QDS) seed back to Breeders’ seed production lots and fields); are important aspects of quality assurance in the seed value chain. These are inherent in the Uganda’s Seed and Plant Regulations 2016 and are an essential aspect of protecting seed users from counterfeit seeds.

The National Seed Strategy (MAAIF 2016) emphasizes the development of an Integrated Seed Sector Management Information System (ISSMIS). This requires development of digital tools and various web services to make the information about seed production and delivery accessible to seed sector
stakeholders, in a timely manner. Developing a digital seed tracking and tracing systems (STTS) is one component of the ISSMIS to facilitate the regulation of the production and supply of quality seeds in the market.

Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) in partnership with the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) plus project has earmarked the development of a digital STTS to ensure easy
operations of the seed quality assurance processes and real time seed sector information access by various stakeholders, to improve their decision making.

The seed tracking and tracing system, consists of a dashboard web application and a mobile app. The Modules within the system (STTS) include the following:
This is for all seed growers, QDS producers and seed merchants.
Seed Orders.
This includes request for quotation and pre-orders.
Quality Assurance.
Submitting planting returns, carryout garden inspections, seed lad test, lot number and seed labels
Seed Stock.
Updating the stock of seed available.