Development of a Resource Mobilisation strategy and capacity building for BUVAD.

Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) is a not for profit organization, which started its Non-profit activities in 2000. It got registered
under the Gender and Culture Department of Kayunga District in Uganda as a Community Based Organization (CBO) operational in Kayunga Sub County in 2006 and was approved in May 2011 by the NGO board of Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization operational in Kayunga District.
BUVAD has a vision of realizing an improved standard of living for the people of Kayunga District and Uganda and a mission, to promote human values for the people of Kayunga such that they may realize their full potential towards development for a sustainable living in future
but lacks a clear direction and the required skills on how and where resources both, technical and material for its programmes and operational costs can be raised.