Building Capacity for MoES Instructors in delivering TVET through ICT under the Better EducationFor Africa’s Rise (BEAR II) Project.

The purpose of this assignment was to contribute to the improvement of the level of investment in educational ICT equipment and connectivity at all educational levels, imparting teachers/instructors with the necessary ICT skills in order to enable them use the skills in their professional work and also establish education network for sharing education resources.

Outputs include:

  • An ICT training needs assessment REPORT.
  • ICT Country Support Team (UCIST) and technology and teaching leaders established.
  • EMIS (Database) on Teachers, companies and Board members involved in the ICT capacity building program established
  • Guidelines, manuals, training materials, and applications for ICT.
  • An ELearning Platform for sharing resources on TVET established at Bukalasa Agriculture College
  • Training Curriculum for board of governors and MoES officers in the target institutions