Automated Enterprise Business Information System

Mpanga Growers Tea Factory is a public limited company owned by small holder tea growers. It was incorporated in 1995 . It is located in western Uganda Kabarole district, producing high quality tea for local and export market.

The Management of Mpanga approached eight tech to develop a system to manage the entire factory’s operations from Green Leaf to fully packaged tea ready for export. The systems was developed and is currently being used at the factory and the Modules developed include:

  1. Accounting: This is where the institution manages money received/ spent, bills, and money owed/ it owes. It will have advance features to allow tracking of transactions at various levels of authorization and action points.
  2. Green Leaf: this module manages all information from green leaf collections by clerks and will be integrated with the easy-way weigh bridge
  3. Pay roll: This module manages all the payments to farmers, workers and suppliers of goods and services.
  4. General Ledger: This is for managing the institution’s account records
  5. Inventory: This module is responsible for keeping track of the institution’s inventory.
  6. Sales Order: This module helps keep track of customer supply orders.
  7. Purchase Order: This module is responsible for tracking information that regards Suppliers, Quotations, Purchase orders, Order Tracking, and Delivery of goods.
  8. Estates: the module hosts all information on estates owned by MGTF and generate the desired reports
  9. Human Resources: This module handleS human resources information, deployment and growth.
  10. Complaints: Record and manage the complains management process
  11. Work-flow and Web Store
  12. Users: This module is responsible for ensuring the multi-user functionality of the system. More than one user is be able to log in to the system simultaneously (and irrespective of location) provided he/ she supply the necessary authentication credentials
  13. Contracts: The module helps keep track of service contracts, their status, period, expiry dates (and/ or renewals), service providers, and any other information as will be gathered during the system study phase of the project.
  14. Search Engine: The system will also include an intelligent search engine through which a user can make searches to answer specific questions.
  15. Currency: The system will be able to support multiple currencies and keep track of exchange rate information.
  16. Integrated Reporting – these include:
    1. Trial balance
    2. Statement of Accounts
    3. Income and Expenditure statements at required intervals/ periods
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Fixed Asset register
    6. Bank reconciliation statements
    7. Payroll (with inbuilt formula for PAYE, NSSF, and other statutory deductions