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Products Built at Eight Tech

Stock Management System

This system manages movement of items from, say, containers, to storage places (stores), then from the stores to sales places (shops), and lastly to the final customer. Just like the shops, a number of storage places can be configured. Such movement may include but not limited to New stock entries, Transfers, and Sale... ReadMore

Inventory Tracking System

The Socnet Inventory Tracking System (ITS) provides means of tracking goods purchased and thereafter supplied for use/ consumption through the logistics department. The multi-user system maintains an audit trail report on all operations performed on it. Modules include Procurement, Disbursement/ Issuing, Contracts, Re... ReadMore

RUFORUM Information Management System (RIMS)

The RIMS system was built to enable the gathering of data from the various user groups, analyze it and formulate reports data to aid in management decision-making to support implementation of its Vision by Collation, storage, verification and analysis of relevant higher education data in the different flagships. ... ReadMore

National seed tracking and tracing system

This system is designed in a way that seeds can be tracked  (following the seed production sequence from the breeder’s fields through to certified/quality declared (QDS) seed; up to sales) and traced (following a seed sale backward sequence from certified/quality declared (QDS) seed back to Breeders’ seed pro... ReadMore

UNFFEICT4Farmers platform

The UNFFEICT4FARMERS platform is an initiative that every farmer and farming bodies should embrace. It is designed with the following modules Agriculture content development, validation, certification and distribution, digital skilling of farmers and other value chain actors, awareness and ICT uptake promotion, resear... ReadMore