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Products Built at Eight Tech

Staff Performance Monitoring, Appraisal and Collaboration system

Our staff Performance Monitoring, Appraisal and Collaboration System is a one stop solution for all an organization needs to manage their employees and track progress towards their work-plans for a given period. Each staff work-plan contributes towards the overall organization work-plan. The system is made of s... ReadMore

Loan Payment System

This system aims at keeping record of loans given out to clients. When an organization gives out a loan to a customer, this system can help generate a payment schedule depending on the agreed terms, keep track of the payments as they are made and also compute penalties at agreed rates. It stores information about the ... ReadMore

Library Management System

This system helps Librarians to easily manage library book records. It stores information about the borrowers and generates a number of reports that are of importance to the users. These include: Defaulters, Number of copies per book, etc. Among other clients using this system is Makerere University Department of Dist... ReadMore

Human Resource Management System

The Human Resource Management and Payroll System (HRMS) enables organizations to manage human resource information. It is divided into two parts: Human resource and Payroll. The former keeps records of basic employee information, Job description, Education, Personnel training, among others. The latter is responsible ... ReadMore

Estates Management System

This system is intended for those with real estate properties such as Buildings, Houses and/or Rooms. You are able to configure the different buildings, houses and/or rooms (generally referred to as units) and the respective Tenants. Auto generation of bills at the beginning of every month, Invoicing of Tenants and Re... ReadMore