UNFFEICT4Farmers platform

The UNFFEICT4FARMERS platform is an initiative that every farmer and farming bodies should embrace. It is designed with the following modules Agriculture content development, validation, certification and distribution, digital skilling of farmers and other value chain actors, awareness and ICT uptake promotion, research, advocacy and change management with the aim to ease the agricultural chain.

The scheme emphasizes farmer digital skilling among farmers. This is really appealing for it enables farmers acquire knowledge and ability to use digital tools and related literacy. This will elevate farmers understanding capacity to a different intensity.

Tthe main aim of this initiative is to change every farmers lives by improving their farming systems. Professional advice from specialists is being given. Social media inclusion is being emphasized and UNFFE under the ICT4FARMERS initiativehttp://unffeict4farmers.org/ gives the basic and most efficient guidelines to take it in a more appropriate way. It so important for every farmer to embrace technology, have related training and awareness programs as far as farming is concerned. For every farmer who would want to make a positive transition and make farming better, use the ICT4FARMERS.

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