Staff Performance Monitoring, Appraisal and Collaboration system

Our staff Performance Monitoring, Appraisal and Collaboration System is a one stop solution for all an organization needs to manage their employees and track progress towards their work-plans for a given period. Each staff work-plan contributes towards the overall organization work-plan.

The system is made of several module which include:

  1. Organizational structure. This module will allow the management of an organization’s staff establishment at . The features will include; creation of new units like department, creation of positions and deletion of the same.
  2. User privilege management. This module will provide menus and features to enable the system administrator to configure user access control. The module is built on the concept of role based access control, in which a user only accesses functions of the system based on the role assigned to the user. The model provided for user action accountability and non-repudiation of user actions.
  3. Staff Profiles module. This module provides services of staff personal data management, including; creation of new staff profiles, updates of staff data among other services. The staff data management follows the laid down NPA policies, standards and procedures. Entry, maintenance, and exit.  Notification on retirement and contract expiration to employee and top management like HR and MD or Supervisor.
  4.  Leave management. This is one of the key modules of the system . It provides for features for leave application, approval, revocation and accountability of leave due.
  5. Memo tracking. This module provide features that support two way communication, between the task owner and an individual assignment to undertake a given task.  It provides task progress and reminder notifications to the user via user dashboards and their corporate e-mails.
  6. Work plans module. This module provides menus and features that allows; employees to create their individual work plans, submit to their supervisors for approval, aggregation of employee work plans into departmental work plans, and finally the Organization work plans.  The module allows the update of work plans and performance targets in line with the an Organization’s policies and procedures. The module uses Top and bottom model of work plan development, since unit  work plans are derived from individual employees work plans of a particular unit. This module has features that enable staff to submit their performance report on any preferred period, i.e., daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
  7. Staff appraisal module. This module implements a four step staff appraisal process i.e., individual appraisal, supervisor appraisal, Human Resources (HR) input and the overall Head approval. The module digitizes the manual forms and streamlines the entire appraisal processed. The module allow staff view their appraisal from supervisors.  The module tracks both effort and output and it emphasizes numerical data generation to enable data visualization.
  8. Activity Funding/ Resources request module. This module allows the capture of officers to request for resources to implement tasks. It provides basic information on whether the request was granted, by who and when. This is key in benching employee performance for a given period of time.
  9.  Reporting engine. This module provides all stakeholders with relevant reports in line with their roles and responsibilities.
  10.  Setting module. This provide services to customize dashed boards for the different stakeholders.