MyGrades – Web / Mobile University Results and Examination Registration System

MyGrades is a Web/Mobile solution for University staff, students and Parents. The system has a number of modules that allow students to view their marks once uploaded, Make complaints about any missing or incorrect marks, Register for new semester courses and more importantly discuss with Councillors within the App. The App further allows for time table upload, group chats for students in the same class/ group and creation of university wide groups like Rotary Clubs e.t.c.

The Mobile App has a version for the students and the parents. The parent’s version allows notification for the marks; the parent is able to track the student performance over the years at the university, it also has information about important dates and functions and any other communication meant for the parents.

The web version allows registrars from an institution to upload marks and receive and respond to student complaints. The response is received by the student within the student mobile App and any changes mad in the student marks are automatically reflected in the student app.