Easy Books – Digital Receipts and Invoicing

Easy books is a web based digital receipts and invoicing (book keeping) system for small to medium seized organizations. The system has a number of components / modules to manage customers, suppliers and employees. The system is built in house and that means any wishes of the client can be included. It has a robust user access control module which allows for different roles and permissions in the administration and approval process of the transactions in the system. You can request for a demo by writing to robert@8technologies.net | dpmirembe@gmail.com or use the contact form on this website.

Here is a brief summary of the features:

1. Customers
– Customer Management
– Create and issue Invoices, Pro Formas, Quotations, and Debit Notes
– Receive payments against issued Invoices
– Generate Statements (General Ledgers)

2. Suppliers
– Supplier Management
– Record Bills from Suppliers), LPOs to Suppliers, and Credit Notes
– Record payments made against Bills
– Generate Statements (General Ledgers)

3. Human Resource
– Manage Employee Info
– Payroll
– Leave Schedules

4. Banking
– Manage Company Accounts
– Register Expenses and Non-Invoiced Incomes
– Transfer from one account to another
– Reconcile Customer and Supplier accounts

5. Reports
– Trial Balance
– Profit and Loss
– Balance Sheet
– Customer Receivables
– Supplier Payables
– Income and Expenses
– Audit Trail