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Call for Expression of Interest for External Audit Services.

March 29, 2021 @ 8:00 am - April 2, 2021 @ 5:00 pm


Eight Tech Consults Ltd is an ICT services and Management consultancy firm that was formed with very strict core values of believing in freedom of respect and the value of the mind. We see our employees and clients as a foundation of our company. We believe in value creation and a shared sense of purpose with clients, yet keeping things simple. We’re imaginative but never irrelevant, confident but never cocky, down to earth but never dull in innovating for the future. We stand by a high sense of integrity, honesty, and truthfulness with our Vision “Innovating for the future generation”


“To contribute towards social and economic development: through the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

2. T E R M

The Company seeks to procure the services of a reputable external auditor or audit firm for the project audit titled “Phase II activities for the UCC/RCDF grant for enhancing ICT adaption, service delivery, content and digital skills for smallholder farmers”.

3. D U T I E S  O F  T H E  E X T ER N A L  A U D I T O R

• The Auditor shall carryout risk, compliance, performance and forensic based Audits where necessary.
• Conduct independent audits of the project’s operations in line with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, 8Tech policies and the project’s agreement.
• Advise the company on the proper formats of preparation of financial statements taking into consideration financial reporting principles, whether 8Tech has maintained proper books of accounts, and whether the Accompanying project financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position and performance of the company.
• Review and evaluate internal control systems and recommend necessary changes or improvements.
• Review the implementation of programs to ascertain their effect of the Company’s financial plans in the short and long term.
• Provide any other value addition services to the company.

4.  D E S I R E D  F I R M  P R O F I L E

• Proof of registration with ICPAU and copies Partner’s current practicing certificates (at least one Partner with good professional standing)
• Confirmation of having undergone Quality Assurance Review by ICPAU
• Statement of good conduct and professional discipline
• Details of recent audit assignments and contact details of references
• A list of clients for which the firm has performed similar assignments or experience.
• The firm should demonstrate experience in working with private companies limited by shares.
• Tentative outline of completion of assignment timelines.

 5. P R O P O S A L  C O N T E N T
  5.1 T E C H N I C A L  P R O P O S A L S

i. Demonstrate capacity to deliver on terms of reference.
ii. Provide References to demonstrate their experience.
iii. The methodology, work plan and timelines for undertaking to complete assignment.
iv. The CVs of relevant staff members allocated to the assignment.

  5.2  F I N A N C I A L  P R O P O S A L

The proposed fees for a project audit of this nature and any incidental expenses.
Other Requirements
• Certificate of registration and incorporation.
• Proof of registration with ICPAU and copies of Partners’ Practicing Certificates;
• Confirmation of having undergone a Quality Assurance Review by ICPAU;

  5.3  E V A L U A T I O N  O F  P R O P O S A L S

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by 8Tech’ management and will take into account the following evaluation criteria:
i. The audit firm is independent and has no conflict of interest with regard to any other work performed by the firm for 8Tech.
ii. The firm adheres to the instructions in this call.
iii. The firm’s qualifications, experience, size and location.
iv. The firm’s past experience and performance on comparable external Audit assignments.
v. The quality of the firm’s professional personnel to be assigned to the assignment and the quality of the firm’s management support personnel to be available for technical consultation.
vi. References from persons knowledgeable of the firm’s ability to fulfill the terms of the contract.
vii. Adequacy of Audit Approach, including the specific approach to the entity wide review of internal controls and the risk assessment model.
viii. Cost

Audit firms that possess the desired profile shall submit both soft copy and hard copy proposals in a sealed envelopes cto@8technologies.net and copy  to CEO@8technologies.net.

Deadline for submission is 2nd April,2021 at 5pm.
For any additional inquiry kindly reach out to info@8technologies.net


March 29, 2021 @ 8:00 am
April 2, 2021 @ 5:00 pm