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“Innovating for the future generation”

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“To contribute towards social and economic development: through the development and deployment of innovative technologies.”


We offer custom eLearning solutions that will make your trainings more effective and engaging and thus excited learners who retain the new skills acquired.

News and Articles from Eight Tech

Risk taking and Power of Numbers by: Adolf T. Sabiiti

Posted by: Bob on 2017-01-24 | 1,802 views

Banking is medium of trust and without trust the banking sector cannot survive. The poor keep their money in the banks on saving account since they do not trust each other; they lack investment ideas/ventures and have no knowledge of business opportunities around them. They fear taking any risk. In other words they ... ReadMore

The science and art of goal setting – How to define realistic goals. By Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe, PhD.

Posted by: Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe on 2017-01-19 | 2,049 views

It is that season of the year, when every conversation is punctuated by the phrase “my new year’s resolutions” for individuals and corporations. Brian Tracy reminds us that, the definition of clear goals in life is the starting point of all success. Goals are important as they; improve one’s self-esteem, reduce... ReadMore

My 2016 Lessons. By Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe, PhD.

Posted by: Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe on 2017-01-02 | 7,202 views

It is a tradition in my family to take stock of our successes and failures at the end of every year. To be precise we conduct this exercise on 31st December of each year, at a quiet moment of the day we reflect on the performance of our resolutions. While we take note of lessons for our success and failures to form our... ReadMore

Eight tech face lifts its website

Posted by: Bob on 2016-02-21

Eight tech consults limited has unveiled its new online face to the public after the management felt the old website had served well but there was need to update to the technologies of the time and ensuring the websites responsiveness across all devices since the times demand for accessibility across all platforms and ... ReadMore

Eight tech trains bishop Stuart University staff in e-learning

Posted by: Bob on 2016-02-21

The staff of eight tech consults has trained the staff of bishop Stuart University in using the learning management system and online content creation tools like EXE, PowerPoint and hot potatoes.... ReadMore